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About eFowl.com

Our Mission - To make buying poultry easy.

eFowl.com Hatchery
Our family farm in Minnesota


eFowl.com is one of the web's leading suppliers of waterfowl, chickens, game birds, and poultry products. We offer the widest selection of breeds combined with highly competitive pricing in our effort to be your site to browse, compare, purchase, and receive poultry of any kind.

Our Customers

eFowl.com has been the go-to supplier of poultry and poultry supplies for thousands of people like you. We cater to a variety of customers, from the urban backyard farmer to large farms and hatcheries. Whatever your purpose for purchasing birds or supplies, we strive to offer you the best in order fulfillment and customer satisfaction. Here is a list of our most common types of customers -

  • Backyard Chicken and Duck Enthusiasts
  • Pond or Lake Property Owners/Managers
  • Organic Farms
  • Pet Owners
  • Scientific Researchers
  • Wildlife Management and Promotion Organizations
  • Hunting Property Owners
  • Classrooms and Children's Organizations

Who We Are

eFowl.com was started in 2008 by Austin Johnson in an effort to market the products of his family's waterfowl farm and hatchery. The family farm is located in Middle River, Minnesota - the "Goose Capital of the World". This area is known for its bountiful lakes which offers a hospitable environment to thriving ducks and geese, both wild and domestic.
We operate a hatchery yielding thousands of birds per year, in many different types and breeds. However, the popularity of our website quickly outgrew the production capacities of our own farm and thus we've grown into a network for poultry farms and hatcheries to offer our customers the absolute best in selection, availability, and order fulfillment.

We facilitate the shipment of thousands of birds per week all around the country. Our company has experienced meteoric growth in our short time in business as the word spreads that eFowl.com had made buying poultry easy!

eFowl.com Middle River Minnesota
Middle River, MN - "The Goose Capital of the World"

What We Do

When you place an order on eFowl.com, we will examine your needs and route your order to one of our farms or partner hatcheries. We've developed a proprietary system to offer you the absolute best in order fulfillment. We consider a number of factors when filling your order -

  • Geographic Location - We strive to make the process of shipping and receiving poultry easy, and we stand by our work with a comprehensive Live Arrival Guarantee. We will always attempt to minimize the geographic distance between you and where your birds come from.
  • Breed Availability - As in anything you buy online, you want to receive your purchase as soon as possible. We work to make sure your order will be ready for shipment in the shortest possible time after it is placed. While this varies greatly by breed, season, and location, we are able to ship most orders in 1-3 weeks.
  • Postal System Performance - We are constantly monitoring and analyzing the performance of the US Postal Service (currently the only carrier in the US which will transport live poultry) to minimize the risk in shipping. We strive to conduct our business as humanely as possible and we are able to reduce the risk of shipping live birds more than any single hatchery can.
  • Hatchery Quality and Reliability - Our suppliers are subject to rigorous quality assurance standards, enabling us to sell and ship live birds with the highest degree of success possible. All of our hatcheries and partners conform to the National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP). Furthermore, we conduct such a large amount of business that we are able to analyze the capabilities of every hatchery, focusing on the strengths of each organization while avoiding the weaknesses and common points of customer dissatisfaction.

Where We Are Going

In our short time in business, we've grown from a small family operation to a leading supplier of ducks, chickens, geese, game birds, and poultry supplies on the web. We're changing the way this very established and tradition driven industry operates, and there is no sign of us slowing down. Our vision is to become the go-to resource for all your poultry needs.

We recognize that in your efforts to raise poultry, you're improving our nation's economic viability and our world's environmental sustainability. eFowl.com is proud to be your partner in this noble endeavor, and we are very thankful for this opportunity.

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