How will my live poultry order be shipped?

Almost all day old poultry is shipped through the United States Postal Service, via Priority Mail.

This is the best shipping option available for transporting live poultry in the United States. The Postal Service is very experienced and careful in handling all of our orders, and will almost always ensure that your birds arrive safe and sound.


The United States Postal Service is actually the only company that will accept live bird shipments. However, the USPS has been working closely with FedEx for many years to ensure that live poultry is shipped as quickly, efficiently, and safely as possible.

When your order leaves the hatchery, it is trucked in ventilated cargo compartments to the nearest major airport hub. They are then loaded into temperature controlled compartments on FedEx airplanes. They take the next available flight across the country to the closest major airport near your destination. The United States Postal Service takes over the shipment and routes the chicks to the appropriate USPS distribution center, where they then make their way to your local post office. All this happens in a time period of just 1-3 days.

Will they deliver the chicks to my house?

No, not usually. When you receive your scheduled shipping date from our fulfillment team, you will know when the birds ship. We strongly recommend that you contact your local post office on the day of shipment to let them know you have a live bird shipment on the way. This way they will be looking out for it, and can be sure to call you as soon as the birds arrive.

We do not recommend letting the post office deliver the birds, because their local delivery trucks are not temperature controlled or suited to safely transport live poultry, especially in extreme weather conditions. You also don't want them leaving birds on your doorstep. 

How do they survive with no food or water?

During the hatching process, the baby chicks ingest the remainder of the yolk sac in the egg. This provides them with enough nutrients to survive up to 5 days without additional food or water. This biological function enables us to ship the baby chicks safely as soon as they hatch. This is also why we are unable to ship birds older thatn day old.

During the hotter months of the year, we sometimes use a hydro gel to give them a bit of hydration as an extra precaution, but generally, they are shipped with no food or water.

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