Live Poultry Shipping and Handling Costs (USPS Priority Mail)

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Live Poultry Shipping and Handling Costs (USPS Priority Mail)

    • Costs for Chickens and Turkeys 
Number of Birds15-2425+
Shipping Cost $12.99 Free!
    • Costs for Guinea Fowl
Number of Birds15-2930+
Shipping Cost $9.99 Free!
    • Costs for Ducks and Geese 
Number of Birds4-910-1516-24 25+
Shipping Cost $54.99 $14.99 $9.99   Free!

Current Minimum Order Quantities

Chickens (many breeds hatch year round)

           Standard Size Breeds - 15 total chicks (hatch February - October)

           Bantam Size Breeds - 15 total chicks (25 in colder months)

      • Breed Specific Minimum - 5 Chicks Per Breed

Ducks (many breeds hatch year round)

  • Standard Breed Minimum - 4 total ducklings
  • Call Ducks and Rare Duck Breeds - 15 total ducklings

Geese (hatch February -August)

  • All Breeds - 4 total goslings OR ducks

Turkeys (hatch March -July)

  • All Breeds -15 total birds (can combine with chickens)

Game Birds (hatch May -August)

  • Pheasants - 30 chicks
  • Quail - 50 chicks
  • Chukar Partridge - 30 chicks

Guinea Fowl (hatch June -August)

  • All Breeds -15 total keets

Hatching Eggs (available year round)

  • Duck Breeds -20 total eggs
  • Chicken Breeds -6 total eggs

Minimum Order FAQs

free range chicken flock
Our minimum order quantities are for safe shipping.
  1. Can't I just order 5 chicks?

    Unfortunately not. We have minimum order quantities which prevent us from shipping just 5 chicks. You can view or Small Chick Specials to order them in smaller quantities in the warmer months.
  2. Can I pay for the 15 chicks but you just ship me a smaller amount?

    Unfortunately not. We need to ship the birds with enough warmth to arrive safely. This is achieved by having at least the minimum number of birds packed in the specialized poultry boxes.
  3. Why do you have Minimum Order Quantities?

    We have minimum order quantities to ensure we can safely ship your order. The key concern when shipping poultry is temperature. Our minimum order quantities are seasonal, and ensure that the birds have enough collective warmth to safely arrive at their destination. Minimum Order Quantities allow us to comprehensively guarantee live arrival.
  4. What is a Breed Specific Minimum and why do you have it?

    A breed specific minimum is the minimum amount of a certain breed which we can send. For example, we have a breed specific minimum of 5 Austra Whites. We cannot ship fewer than 5 Austra Whites in an order. We have breed specific minimums to ensure that we can fill your order in a timely fashion. If we allowed customers to order 1 chick of 20 different breeds, the order would need to be scheduled very far in advance to ensure we have all of your chicks available on a certain day, and the potential delays would be unacceptable.
  5. I see you have a Breed Specific Minimum of 5 on most chicken breeds. May I mix males and females of that breed to meet the minimum?

    Currently, you cannot mix gender options to meet that minimum of 5 chicks per breed. However, if you would just like to order just 1 male, or less than 5 straight run chicks, you can do that. Simply add atleast 5 females to your shopping cart first. Next, go back to the breed's product page and add just 1 male. 
  6. Can I order less than 5 females? For example, can I get 3 females, and 2 males of a breed?

    Unfortunately not. If you want to order females of a specific breed, we need at least 5 on the order. We cannot mix males and females to meet the Breed Specific Minimum.
  7. Why does my cart say "Add More  Chicks-Min Order 15," and an extra fee?

    You will see this charge and its fee if you do not have enough chicks in your shopping cart. Once you have added more birds to meet that set minimum, that fee will drop off, and you should only see the shipping cost added to your order.
  8. Can you ship me older birds to get around the Minimum Order Quantities?

    Unfortunately not. The only breeds we offer to ship beyond the hatching stage are the Rare Birds (such as Wood Ducks, Lady Amherst Pheasant, etc.). Shipping juvenile or adult birds is much more costly, as we need to use much more specialized boxing and packaging materials, as well as send the birds via Express Mail (as opposed to the standard Priority Mail for chicks, ducklings, poults, etc.).
  9. Can you please make an exception for my school project, organic farm, Hollywood movie, young child, elderly parent, 4-H club, top-rated golf course, church group, etc.?

    Unfortunately not. Our minimums are for safe shipping. We cannot make exceptions. We can combine bird types to meet minimums in some occasions though. Please Contact Us if you are interested in mixing and matching various bird types towards a minimum order.
  10. I only need a few of a certain type of bird. Do I really need to buy 15 of those chicks?

    No, you do not need to order an excessive amount of the bird you need, but you do need an order which meets our total minimum requirement. For example, if you just wanted 5 Black Breasted Red Aseel Chickens, you could order those chicks and then meet the rest of the minimum order requirement with Assorted Chicks. This will give you a cost effective way to just order the birds you want.
  11. I only need a few birds. What should I do with the extras?

    Individuals like you raise birds all over the country. It is not difficult to sell or give away excess birds. In most areas, posting an ad for free chicks or ducklings on will yield several potential adopters in a matter of hours. Also, many customers will split orders with order nearby customers, allowing them to just receive and pay for the chicks they want. For more info, check out this blog post on getting rid of unwanted birds.

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