Are your chicks organic?

The parent stock of the chicks we sell are on a basic feed diet (the feed has some antibiotics, and is made primarily of corn), but since we ship the chicks the same day that they hatch, you can start them out on an all organic diet if you would like!

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    Trent Alvarez

    But the problem is, the parents are eating GMO corn and antibiotics their whole lives, contaminating and harming the dna, causing diseases and cancer, and most certainly this toxic genetic avalanche from the parents being exposed their entire lives is passed down to the chick, we're getting gmo, very substandard birds...

    Why no pasture raised / free range parents, eating bugs like they are supposed to and never touching gmo corn or harmful antibiotics. I'm very dissapointed in eFowl as a new customer, how do you not even have optional birds that meet these qualifications? It's simple, do the birds get feed or not? if so, is it non gmo (or organic) or not? and finally were they antibiotic free or not? these labels or qualifications are very easy to add to your site.

    If the Cochin chickens are available at all in non gmo fed, you could have a separate listing for the non gmo fed Cochin chickens, or give a dropdown box option to select the non gmo fed Cochin chickens, and yes, of course we would need to pay more for them, but I'm sure many customers really want that option.

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    Alan S.

    Hi Trent, thanks for your comment! eFowl is not an actual hatchery. We currently offer chicks from a variety of hatcheries that we work with around the country. Unfortunately, most of these hatcheries are not able to feed the parent stock non-GMO feed, and most of the feed does contain some small amounts of antibiotics. However, many do hatch very high quality birds that exhibit incredible hardiness in many climates, while producing prolific numbers of eggs for our customers.

    On another note, we would LOVE to be able to offer completely organic and pasture raised birds on our website. In 2016, we will be launching a new marketplace that will small hatcheries and farmers to easily market and sell their birds on our site. Each farm and hatchery that we work with will have their own profile, allowing them to talk about their farm and farming practices. This way, thoughtful consumers like yourself will be able to choose where they buy their birds from, and they will know exactly how the birds are raised.

    I completely agree that we should have options for these types of birds, and soon we hope to work with many of these hatcheries and farms. We hope that it will be easier to find birds of this quality on the new eFowl Marketplace very soon. Please keep in touch if you have any other questions or suggestions! You can message me directly at

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