How does the live poultry ordering process work?

When you place an order, either over the phone or online, our system will process your order and reserve you the earliest possible shipping date (unless you have specified a delayed shipping date). We will then send you an email within 3-5 business days confirming your exact shipping date.

On the date your order is scheduled to ship, we will send you another email confirming that the birds are on the way, usually with a tracking number. Most shipments will arrive in 1-3 days. Generally, your local Post Office will call you to let you know that your birds are in, and you can simply pick them up there (which is certainly the best for the well-being of your birds). 

Most Post Offices are also willing to deliver the birds to your residence. However, it is important that they call you first to ensure that you are available to receive this shipment.

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