Help! Some of the birds in my shipment died. What do I do now?

Sometimes not all the chicks will survive their trip to their new homes, and we have a live arrival guarantee in place to assist you with this situation. Here is how to properly report a loss to our team here at eFowl:

1.) First, make sure you are following our live arrival guarantee- any losses need to be reported within 4 days of receiving the birds, and we cover any losses that occurred within the first 24 hours.

2.) Count the birds you still have living. Very often extras are included and you may still have the number you ordered.

3.) If you find that you are still shorted some birds, send an email to, providing the live count of your birds.

4.) When our team receives your report, we will figure out the best way to assist you. In most cases, you will be offered a refund, or 120% store credit that you can use toward placing a new order. On some occasions, we can set up a new shipment for you.

5.) Respond with your preference on the compensation options that we offer, and we will take care of you promptly.

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