I want to buy some chicks/birds for my friend or family member. Can I do that?

We highly recommend that you consider purchasing a gift certificate for your intended recipient instead of the birds themselves. Why? That way they can log on to our website, browse our breeds, choose exactly what they need and want, and better educate themselves on what to expect when raising poultry.

Please keep in mind that not all homes are suitable or ready for live baby birds. If you are purchasing the birds as a gift, the recipient MUST know they are coming, and be prepared to take proper care of those birds. That means no surprises- they need to know when the birds are shipping and when they can expect them. Can you imagine how those poor birds would fare if they arrived at a home that didn't have the brooder set up for them?

If you have spoken with the person you intend to gift to and have gotten the go-ahead, you can specify a different shipping address than the billing address on the checkout screen. Please be sure that 100% of the information is accurate on that shipping address so that the correct person can be contacted and kept in the loop about that poultry shipment. Furthermore, we have a system that will contact the recipient prior to delivery, asking them to confirm the shipment.  This will ruin the surprise, but is a necessary step to ensure a safe shipment of those birds.

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