Why is it so important to have a working/correct email, address and phone number on my order?

When ordering live poultry, it is very important that the team here at eFowl has a correct and working email, phone number, and address on file for you. We will need to be in touch with you multiple times after you place your live poultry order to give you your ship date, remind you of your shipment, and send you tracking information. Since the birds you order will also come into your local Post Office first, they will need a phone number that they can reach you, that way your birds will make it safely to their new home in a timely manner. 

When placing an order with us, please review all of your contact information before completing the order. We will send you an emailed copy of your receipt immediately after, so you can review it and make sure everything is correct. If you see anything that needs to be changed, please let us know immediately by sending an email to service@efowl.com.

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