My birds arrived, but I am missing some! What do I do?

If you receive your birds and find that you do not have your complete order, there are two reasons that could be the case:

1.) You have multiple poultry shipments. Please check your email to see if we sent you two different ship dates as we have various hatcheries that carry different types of birds, and we can't always ship them together at the same time.

2.) We had a short hatch. Check your box of birds for a note from the hatchery, as well as your email to see if we reached out to you. If you do not have a note or an email, that means we don't know about the short hatch, so please contact us if you are missing any.

Why are there short hatches? Hatching is a fluctuating process with many variables to consider, and we can't always count our chicks before they hatch. Our hatcheries do their best to get the birds shipped out on their scheduled date, and will sometimes choose to short an order if they think that it will be better than delaying all of your birds. If this happens, we will offer a refund for the birds we could not send.

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