How will I know when my birds will ship, and when they'll arrive? I want to make sure I'm free when they arrive.

Shortly after you place your order, we will begin the scheduling process, and find a day that all of your breeds can hatch and ship together at once. This process normally takes about 3-5 business days from when the order is placed. As soon as we have the order scheduled in our system, we will let you know the exact shipping date via email.

Please note, we have various hatcheries that carry different breeds of birds, so if you are ordering various types of poultry, like ducks and chicks, we will most likely provide you with 2 different ship dates.

Once you order is ready to ship, we will email a confirmation of that shipment to you with tracking (if available) by the morning after your scheduled date so that you can keep an eye on your birds' journey. The USPS website even offers tools that allow you to receive text or email updates on your shipment.

Since we ship our birds through Priority Mail, they will take anywhere from 1-3 days to arrive, and once they come in, the Post Office will call to let you know. Please go pick them up as soon as possible if you are able- that is much easier on the birds than riding around in a mail truck all day.

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