What if there is a problem with an order I've already paid for? How do I get my money back?

We understand that issues will occur, and we are very knowledgeable and professional when resolving them. If there is an issue with your shipment, such as DOA birds or a packing error, we will usually offer you a refund or replacement. If you would like a refund, we will simply credit the original card you used to pay. We will never give you the run-around or excess hassle in having money returned to you that is rightfully yours. Also, we will sometimes extend an offer of store credit OR a refund. If you are willing to accept store credit, we will usually offer you 120% of the original refund amount in credit.

Replacements on live poultry are always up to our discretion. We are only able to offer reshipment in specific circumstances. However, we will always offer a refund for losses according to our Live Arrival Guarantee.

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