Do you offer sexing on your birds? How do you sex birds? How accurate is sexing?

We offer sexing on most of the birds we sell. We do not sex Bantam Chicken Breeds, Call Ducks, and most Game Birds. Also, there are several types of rarer Chickens and Ducks which we do not sex. To see if sexing is available on the breed you are interested in, check the breed information page. If there is an option underneath to price to select males or females, then sexing is available. If the only option you see is "Straight Run" only, then we do not offer sexing on that breed.

For chickens, we generally employ feather sexing (about 97% accurate), while for waterfowl we use vent sexing (about 95% accurate). Even though we are not always accurate, we do guarantee 100% accurate sexing (which is unheard of in this industry) on orders of less than 50 birds. While we occasionally will make mistakes, we are getting so good at it that we will put our money where our mouth is and guarantee 100% accuracy. If you receive even a single mis-sexed bird, we will refund for that bird or offer a store credit. We are not able to offer reshipment on small numbers of birds. 


Please feel free to read more about the accuracy of sexing poultry here.


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