How do my birds survive being in a box for a couple days without food and water?

We may include a gro-gel at the packer's discretion, which is consumed during shipment for hydration. However, poultry absorbs egg nutrients right before hatching, which provides nutrition and hydration for about 5-7 days after, allowing for safe, easy transportation.

To package the birds, we use USPS approved poultry boxes, and include an insulating material (such as hay or straw). On smaller orders, we will include extra foam insulation, which protects a smaller number of birds from being damaged from jarring or jostling during shipment. Also, since a smaller number of birds will not generate as much collective heat, we will sometimes include a heating pad. Our key concerns when shipping live poultry are temperature, jarring, and ventilation. You can read more about how birds are packaged here.

Tracking information will be sent by the morning after birds ship, and you can sign up for text or email alerts on the USPS website to keep a close eye on their journey, plus the Post Office will call you when they arrive.

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