How does the end of a hatching season affect how you ship your birds? Will there be a problem filling my order?

When the end of a hatching season rolls around for each type of poultry, fulfilling an order does get more and more challenging for our scheduling team as they need to find a date in which all your breeds can ship at once.

Since the end of the hatching season also means that we have more frequent short hatches (less birds hatching than we had originally counted on), we do see more orders that are delayed until a later ship date, shorted a particular breed, or are in need of a substitute breed in order to ship. You can read more about that here. Even still, this occurrence is still fairly rare to see, less than 5% of orders each week, so it is unlikely this will affect you unless you have any particularly rare breeds on your order.

Because of the fluctuating production cycles of the birds near the end of the hatching season, we sometimes have to schedule an order for just a few days after you place the order. It is therefore very important that you keep a close eye on your email to make sure you know when your birds are scheduled to ship, that way you can accommodate their arrival or let us know if there are conflicts with your schedule immediately. In most cases, we can try to delay your order until after a specific date, but not always, so if you know you will be out of town at a certain time, it is best to utilize the delay request field on the checkout screen to ensure we do not ship those birds while you are away.

You can view the basic hatching seasons for our poultry here.

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