How are birds packaged?

To package the birds, we use USPS approved poultry boxes, and include an insulating material such as hay or straw. On smaller orders, we will include extra foam insulation, which protects a smaller number of birds from being damaged from jarring or jostling during shipment. Also, since a smaller number of birds will not generate as much collective heat, we will sometimes include a heating pad.

When packing the birds in their boxes, the package has many things to take into account: How many birds were ordered? How can he/she best divide those birds up for optimal padding and warmth? Are their size differences between the chicks? Will the chicks have a really hot journey, or is there a possibility that they will be in cold weather?

These are all things that a packager considers while packing your chicks. If you have larger quantities of chicks shipping, or it is hot during the journey, they will often divide them into different sections so that they aren't overcrowded, as well as leave more air holes uncovered to promote air circulation. If the weather is cold during their journey, the packager will cover more of the air holes to keep the warmth in, and likely pack more chicks together to make sure they are warmer. If you ordered bantams and standard sized chicks in one order, they will put them in the same box, but there will be a divider in between them so that the smaller ones aren't injured by the larger chicks.

Our packagers are well-trained and experienced at handling all types of packing challenges, and pack each box with care to ensure that it is an easy and safe ride for your birds!

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