Which Post Office will my birds ship to?

The birds on your order are shipped using the USPS. We list the shipping address you provide as the final destination for you order, however, those birds will first arrive to your local Post Office. This is typically the Post Office that services your address, or is located closest to you.

Unfortunately, we are not familiar with all areas of the country, and can't pinpoint which Post Office that will be, but the USPS has a locator tool you can use to narrow down the possibilities. Here is a link to that webpage: https://tools.usps.com/go/POLocatorAction!input.action

Once you have typed in your zipcode, you can see which post offices are near you, and call or visit) the one closest to you to confirm if they will be the ones receiving the birds.

You can also wait until you have tracking info from us to call them so they know which shipment you are checking on. The Post Office that receives your birds will also give you a ring when the chicks arrive.

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