Are your birds vaccinated? How do I add that vaccine?

We do not vaccinate our birds, but you do have the option of adding them to your order.

Cackle Hatchery charges a one time fee of $12.49 to immunize your entire flock before they are shipped. The Marek's vaccine is listed as an accessory on the chicken pages. Just scroll down past the description box on one of the breeds you are about to add to your cart and choose the vaccine by adding a check mark in the box before adding the chicks to your cart. You only need to do this one time, and we will vaccinate all of your chicks before sending them.

On Hoovers Hatchery orders, there is an option of adding Marek's and/or Coccidiosis on each breed page at the cost of $0.30 each chick. That is listed right underneath the gender options on their chicks.

Note- we do not offer vaccines of any kind for waterfowl, game birds, or turkeys.

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