I received my ship date. Will they definitely ship that day?

Most likely, yes! On rare occasions, usually closer to the end of the hatching season, we may experience short hatches on some breeds of birds. This is because hatching is a fluctuating process with many variables to consider, and we can't always count our chicks before they hatch.

Our hatcheries do their best to get the birds shipped out on their scheduled date, but can't always do so when short hatches occur. They will sometimes choose to short you the breed that did not hatch as planned, or other times will delay your entire order until they can all ship together.

If you receive your order and are missing birds, please check your email to see if we tried to reach you about the situation. If you don't see an email, please take a photo of your packing slip and reach out to us at service@efowl.com so that we can assist you with the shorted order.

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