What happens if only a few or none of the fertile eggs I order hatch?

Hatching eggs yourself is a fun and rewarding experience, but not always the easiest thing to do. Each type of poultry egg requires different temperatures and humidity levels to provide an optimal hatch.

Since we don't know what processes you are using at home or at your school/organization, we cannot guarantee that any of the eggs will hatch. With that being said, most of our customers see 30-60% of their eggs hatch when they use the proper incubation techniques.

We want to be sure that the eggs you receive are viable and able to be hatched, so we do have a Fertility guarantee on our fertilized eggs. We guarantee that 80% of your eggs will be fertile at the first candling (at 10-14 days into incubation). 

If you have done your first candling and found that some eggs are not developing, please contact us a service@efowl.com. We will need a count of the viable eggs- the ones that are actually showing growth. These need to be reported within 14 days of receipt. You can read that guarantee here.

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