I ordered all hens, but I think you sent me a rooster! What can be done?

The folks at our hatcheries are very experienced at sexing birds- about 98% accurate- but there is still that slight chance that you may have received mis-sexed birds. If you find that you have some roosters, please follow the following steps to report the mis-sexing:

1- Figure out how old your birds are. We are unable to determine the sex of most chicks with 100% certainty by coloration, comb size, aggression, or size until they are at least 11-12 weeks of age. Often times these traits will vary between breeds and even individual chicks.

2- If your birds are already 12 weeks old, please snap a photo of the mis-sexed bird(s), and email it to us at service@efowl.com. If they are not quite that old, please wait before contacting us as we will not be able to tell the gender if they are any younger.

3- We will review your photo, and have a breeder take a look if need be. If we determine that you do indeed have the wrong gender, we will offer you compensation for the number of mis-sexed birds on your order.

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