White Egg Layer Buying Guide

White Egg Layers


White eggs are generally the most common egg you will see at the grocery store, and unless you grew up on a farm, it's probably the color egg you ate growing up. Despite what you may have heard, there is absolutely no difference between white, brown, green, blue, chocolate, or speckled chicken eggs. The only real difference between these different colors of eggs is the type of chicken that laid them. 

If you're wondering why white eggs are so much more prominent than Brown Eggs, and why they may be a little cheaper at the grocery is due to prolific nature and efficiency of the White Leghorn Chicken.  

The White Leghorn is not only one of the most prolific egg layers of large eggs you'll find, but it's small size gives it an advantage over most brown egg layers because it requires less feed to maintain. Most brown egg layers are dual purpose breeds that require much more feed to maintain their larger size. This accounts for the lower prices and abundance of white eggs you find in your local grocery.  

Along with the White Leghorn, the other most popular White Egg Layers are the Brown Leghorn and the Ancona Chicken Breed. Because most white egg layers are smaller breeds, you won't find many dual purpose white egg laying chickens. However, we do offer a hybrid white egg layer called the Austra White for those looking for a nice large white egg layer for their flock. 

Other White Egg Laying Chickens

It's true that you won't find many prolific white egg layers outside of the Leghorn Family, but there are many more white egg laying chickens out there.  Most are just a little fancier and usually raised for other purposes. One way to tell if a fancy breed is going to lay a white or a brown egg is to look at its ear lobes. 99% of white egg laying chickens will have white earlobes, while the brown egg layers will have red ear lobes.  

A list of a few fancy breeds that will also lay white eggs include:

So if you're looking for an abundance of white eggs, the White or Brown Leghorn are certainly your best options, but you'll find many other fancy breeds that you can also raise for fun and for a few white eggs here and there!



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