Choosing the Right Breeds for Your Flock

Why Do I want Chickens? 

There are a handful of reasons that people usually raise chickens for their farm or backyard. Determining what you want out of your flock is the first step in selecting the best breeds. Are you looking for eggs? Do you want to raise them for meat? How about both? Or do you prefer the fancy top hat that will win you the blue ribbon at the exhibition? 


Egg Layers

Most first time flock owners simply want to raise a handful of laying hens so that they and their families can enjoy the benefits of producing your own food. After all, what is more rewarding than raising a few baby chicks with your family and finding your first eggs in the nest box a few months down the road! 


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Meat and Broiler Breeds

Broiler breeds are chickens that have been bred to be raised specifically for meat production.  This usually means that they have good feed conversion rates and grow rapidly. For small farms raising meat birds, you want your birds to reach a weight that you can process them quickly to minimize feed costs and allow for more production each season. While many dual purpose breeds can be raised for meat, there are a few breeds that are ideal and used most commonly for these purposes.  The two we sell are the Jumbo Cornish Cross and the Red Broiler


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Rare and Fancy Breeds

Many poultry enthusiasts, particularly the backyard or hobby farmers, don't care quite as much about how many eggs per year their birds lay or if they can raise the bird for meat or not. They are more concerned with the quality of the breed, the fancy features the birds flaunt, or the rarity of the breed or color variation. That's not to say that some fancy breeds aren't great egg layers, or there aren't great layers that are also very rare. But if you're most concerned with egg production, you may want to steer clear of the more fancily feathered friends. 


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    Where can I find online or storefront resources that sell books and apparel for hens and coop to keep my 8 as warm as possible in rural cold winters of Vermont

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