Waterers and How to Choose Them

Waterers are responsible with nourishing your birds with the essence of life.  That's a big responsibility!  This is why choosing your waterer should be a decision you research before making.  First of all, your waterer should never be empty or inaccessible.  If you live in colder climates, you should definitely look into the idea of a heated base waterer.  These heated bases will prevent your water from freezing and save your chickens.


Though the same could be said for feeders, it’s never a bad idea to have more than enough waterers around the farm than what might be “suggested” by the manufacturer.  For example, if you have 15 birds, don’t get a waterer that can only suffice for 15 birds. This can lead to crowding and stress from your birds if they want to drink at the same time.  


Jar Waterers and Founts


Many of the most efficient and popular waterers are merely made from a mason jar or small plastic fount.  These sit on the ground and use the power of gravity to disperse water into a pan for your birds to drink.  While most of these feeders can be purchased for $5 - $10, the higher priced items are more expensive because most feature a heated base, which is a popular and useful option for people raising birds in colder climates.


*Lower Price Range*


Brower Mason Jar Waterer:  Mason jar feeders are arguably the most cost efficient out of all waterers because they can be made with a base and any small-mouthed 1 qt. Mason jar (not included.)  The base is made from galvanized metal.


Plastic Chick Waterer:  This 1 gallon waterer is made from high-quality and durable plastic.  With a much smaller waterer pan, this unit is best for much smaller birds like bantams and quail.


3 Gallon Plastic Fountain:  This waterer holds 3 gallons of water and can supply 50 chickens or 150 chicks!


*Medium Price Range*


4 Gallon Poultry Fountain:  The 4 G Poultry Fountain can water 75 chickens!  Made with long-lasting easy to clean plastic.


Brower 7 Gallon Poultry Fount:  This unit features two handles to make it extremely mobile, even when full.  Marked in 1 gallon increments, this unit can handle 90 hens or 140 broilers.


*Higher Price Range*


3 Gallon Heated Poultry Fountain:  This poultry fountain has heated base to ensure your water doesn’t freeze at night or any time for that matter.  Doesn’t protect from freezing in climates colder than 0° Fahrenheit.  


Kuhl 3 Gallon Heated Fountain: A 3 gallon heated poultry fountain from Kuhl.  Comes with a 5' power chord but has the option of coming with a 25' or 50' chord as well.


Hanging Waterers


Like hanging feeders, there are hanging waterers.  These provide similar advantages.  Most importantly, they keep the water from being tainted by your birds, rodents, or debris.  Most of the hanging waterers we supply are automatic, meaning you don’t have to worry about using gravity to your advantage.


Kuhl Bell-Matic Hanging Waterer:  This is a low pressure waterer that includes 10’ of PVC hose, 10’ of rope, a hose fastener, and a height regulator with hanging hook.  Measures 14.5” in diameter.


Brower Low Profile Bell Drinker:  The Brower Low Profile Bell Drinker is a great low pressure bell drinker that is designed to accommodate your birds’ growing bodies.  You can change the height of the drinker as your birds grow as well as the depth of the pan!  A great and versatile option for your farm and wallet!

Nipple Waterers


Nipple waterers provide a fantastic option for bird raisers who want a low-effort way to keep your birds hydrated all the time.  Simply made from PVC pipe with nipples evenly spread across it, these types of waterers can be hooked directly into a main water line or garden hose, meaning you don’t have to refill it.  Nipple waterers can also be made at home with some PVC pipe and a couple other materials


*Low Price Range*


Mini Chicken Fountain:  This nipple waterer has a reservoir capacity of about 0.75 gallons and can water between 2 and 8 birds.  Since it holds less water, it’s less susceptible to algae buildup or contamination.


*Mid Price Range*


Standard Chicken Fountain: Holding 1.2 gallons of water, the Standard Chicken Fountain is a size up from the Mini Chicken Fountain.  It can water 4-16 birds.


*Higher Price Range*


Mega Chicken Fountain:  This is the largest model in the series and holds 2 gallons of water in its reservoir.  Able to water 10-40 birds, this nipple waterer is great for flock owners who might be upscaling their chicken population in the near future.

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